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McCarthy told the House that “additional votes are possible today”, and members of the Republican Party will meet to discuss the plans later on Thursday.More than discount canada goose review street children and teenagers were arrested after crossing the US-Mexico border illegally from October, the vast system already suffers from lag and requires substantial resources.

President Barack Obama called for $ 3.7 billion to deal with the crisis, and Senate Democrats have proposed $ 2.7 billion package of House Republicans introduced a bill canada goose discount store approving only a portion of that amount -., With the ability to allocate more funds later – with the terms of many Democrats against, for example, a change in the law in 2008 to unaccompanied minors other than Mexico and Canada countries could be deported quickly and sending the National Guard to the border.

Question under the 2008 law, in particular, has become a hot point in the discussion. While the White House expressed support for changing the law to canada goose discount sale ensure faster deportation, most Democrats in Congress have expressed vehement opposition. Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA). Bill called “unjust and inhumane sentence,” and Democratic members were designed to counteract.

Pelosi was in a meeting with reporters, when the employee notified her that the vote had been canceled.”Oh my God. Was so terrible,” she said. “Thank God.”The White House has veste canada goose discount to veto the bill in the House Wednesday, saying it “may be the worst, not the best situation.””By setting an arbitrary deadline for consideration of cases, this law could create delays that could possibly transfer funds priorities of public safety, as Deport known criminals,” authorities said in a statement. “This bill would undermine due process for vulnerable children, which could lead to his removal from life-threatening situations in foreign countries.”

Since the Democrats are not likely to get the bill by 218 votes to pass the mark, the leaders of the Republican Party decided to add his voice still held this Thursday the legislation to end Obama’s policies, which prevent the deportation some illegal immigrants, especially one that protects young people is canada goose discount outlet often referred to as Dreamers. Was an attempt to sweeten the expense of funding for conservatives.The White House also condemned the legislation as part of “an approach that is about rounding up and deporting 11 million people, separating families, and undermines the ability of DHS ‘to secure the border.”

William Shatner does not like the canada goose parka mystique

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Shatner, best known as Captain Kirk in the 1960s TV show “Star Trek”, is less than enthusiastic about the new Facebook application for celebrities named canada goose sale uk asos. He did it more than clear on Tuesday, when he wrote a blog post in which all aspects, the application will not live up to your stanle udards.

Shatner first complaint with the app, which was released last week, is that forced him to follow. Another “celebrity” accounts These quotes are his, not mine. He comes with guns. “The first person on the canada goose parka sale uk list they gave me was George Takei (rolling my eyes.),” He writes. Ouch. In case you missed it, former “Star Trek” co-stars were fighting for about 40 years. Takei called Shatner “very egocentric” last week on “Real Time with Bill Maher”. So instead of following Takei, Shatner chose Robert Downey Jr. … but their hidden messages. Another burning.

In the blog post Shatner, comparing data from the original Facebook app and the application for the management of public pages. Shatner writes that he wants the canada goose jackets sale usa communication application would give access to photos, events and settings of your page and would prefer if more resources from Mentions Pages app available. All app “seems ill-conceived,” he writes.

Shatner’s much more to social media than most young people of 83 years. Not only is he active on Facebook and Twitter, but this is the third blog that he posted a new page on Tumblr began Monday.He is not afraid to take swipes at techies. In June, Shatner a fight with the man social media technology site Engadget John Colucci, Colucci began because he felt it was not important enough to be checked on Twitter.

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The Palestinians of Gaza are guilty of that new post-Cold War misdemeanor: voting while Muslim. The punishment for this crime has been eight years of canada goose sale coats economic hardship, international isolation, and periodic Israeli bombardments.

Like the Algerians in 1990 and the Egyptians in 2012, Gazans went to the polls in 2006 and voted for the wrong party. Rather than supporting the secular choice, they cast their ballots for canada goose sale ca. Not all Palestinians are Muslim (6 percent or so are Christian). But by opting for the Islamic Resistance Movement — Hamas, for short — Gazans had effectively nullified their own ballots.

It didn’t matter that the EU and other institutions declared the elections free and fair. The results were what mattered, and Israel’s judgment carried the day. Even though the canada goose sale cheap newly elected government extended an olive branch to both Israel and the United States, the Israeli government didn’t consider Hamas a legitimate political actor.

“Israel stated that Hamas were terrorists and Western leaders did not challenge this line,” writes Cata Charrett in an excellent piece at Mondoweiss. “On the canada goose sale costco contrary, they refused to meet diplomatically with Hamas leaders, they cut off all possible financing to the newly elected government, and they supported Israel’s complete sanction and seizure of Gazan territory.” A direct peace overture to President George W. Bush offering a long-term truce went unanswered.

Voting while Christian or voting while Jewish has not led to similar results. Christian Democrats have won elections in Europe without generating boycotts or warnings about an canada goose sale chilliwack imminent descent into clerical autocracy. The ultra-religious Shas party has participated in ruling coalitions in Israel without incurring the wrath of the international community.

But Hamas, its critics insist, is different because it is fundamentally anti-democratic. Ditto the Muslim Brotherhood. Even Turkey’s Justice and Development Party and Tunisia’s Ennahda are suspect, according to those who hold to the dictum that Islam and democracy are fundamentally incompatible.

Why Did Edge of discount canada goose jackets

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Let’s be straight up here.  I’m let down and a bit pissed off by the box office numbers for Edge of Tomorrow.  It’s hit a nerve beyond this film as well.  I pretty much called it in my review as well when I wrote, “The canada goose vest freestyle sales do NOT do it justice, by any means.  The trailers give us nothing but eye candy with some naysayers rolling their eyes saying, ‘Oh, another Tom Cruise saves the world movie.’”

And also when I wrote, “My only fear is that the recent stigma of Tom Cruise may keep audiences away.  Friends, it’s been nine years since the Oprah couch incident, and most people only remember the canada goose vest cheap parodies and remixes when in fact he was only on that couch for 15 seconds, playing up to the crowd of screaming women.  And then yes, there are the Scientology critics, and rightfully so in regards to the Church of Scientology, as well as Tom’s remarks about Brooke Shields and her personal choices.

Even those remarks have been overblown throughout the years.  Here is an amazing article to read in regards to all of that…
This film deserved better and I hope that word-of-mouth and its canada goose vest men price 90% Rotten Tomatoes score will drive the numbers up!  Sorry, yes, I’m a bit perturbed.

I’m pissed because I love science fiction.  I love it bad, I love it good, and I love it great.  And Edge of Tomorrow is that unique, great science fiction film that isn’t just about special canada goose vest for women effects and explosions (As the terrible trailers will make you believe).  And its not a sequel, prequel, remake, reboot, or comic book superhero movie.

Audiences bitch and moan about the studios not making original blockbusters anymore.  They complain that it’s all sequels, prequels, remakes, reboots, or comic book superhero canada goose vests for men movies.  But when an original blockbuster like Edge of Tomorrow comes out, they don’t go see it.  And here’s the deadly pattern after that.

The current mass audience think they know the film industry.  They blast the industry so much but don’t realize that they make their decisions just like the canada goose vests women industry does… i.e. Opening Weekend.  They don’t go see it opening weekend because they want to see the opening weekend box office.  If it bombs, according to what the media tells them, then they say, “See, I knew it would suck.”

Freedom, Power, and the canada goose men parka jacket

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On Monday the Supreme Court that private companies hit a key part of the Affordable Care Act, the determination, not their employees contraception coverage, the women’s canada goose coats authors who have religious beliefs.The owner of the owner of Hobby Lobby company conflicts in the case were always free to practice their religion. The court granted freedom of religion in your company as well – a leap of logic as absurd as giving corporations free speech. Corporations are not people.

The deeper problem is, forget the court for the growing imbalance of economic power between companies and real people. The company reserves the right not to offer employees the women’s canada goose kensington parka beige prevention of otherwise legal services required, the court ignored the rights of workers to obtain these services. (Recommended Justice Alito that these services could be provided directly by the federal government available, is politically as likely as a single-payer federal health insurance – which have probably necessary to refuse such contraceptives or any other service Obamacare, supply, from religious found).

The same imbalance of power given decision of the Court in “Citizens United”, granting corporations free speech, so evil. In fact, corporate free speech suppressed freedom of women’s canada goose vest ordinary people who can not flood the halls of Congress to the campaign contributions.Freedom is put conservative value above all others, but always ignored his ideal of freedom, the growing imbalance of power in our society, the erosion is the freedom of most people.

This is not new. In the early 1930s, the New Deal Court overcame legislation with the “freedom of contract” – to make the alleged right of the people, whatever deals they should be canada goose usa online from federal regulations. At some point (perhaps by FDR’s threat to expand the Court and pack it with your own nominations influenced), directed by the court.

But no matter the conservative economic power embodied in his understanding of freedom. Conservatives still “free enterprise” and even to defend the so-called “free market”, with canada goose usa inc freedom. For them, the government “intrusion” freedom.Yet to the market threaten the “free market” in the nature does not exist. No, only the fittest and strongest survive. The “free market” the product of laws and regulations is constantly going out legislators, executive branch departments and courts. Government does not “meddle” in the free market. It defines and organizes (and often stores it).

Here is where the true power comes in. It’s one thing if these laws and rules in a democratic way, anyone see the values ​​and preferences of most people.But with half a brain the canada goose coats on sale increasing concentration of income can reflect and wealth at the top of America’s political power is concentrated to – laws and rules that the pitch tend more and more rich in the direction of business and production.


Re-Wiring Orange is the canada goose outlet store

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Their overalls, ladies, and take a sip of your EQ-tinis. Crime is a company of equal opportunities, and we have our place at the bar.This is a message displayed by Netflix immensely popular series about women in prison. Orange is indeed the new black.But while the show has a canada goose jackets kids following that extends beyond its viewers – President Obama worked for him in his speech at the White House Correspondents dinner last month – is a missed opportunity to promote gender equality beyond the small screen opportunity.

It is true that the series creators and critics and received awards for social justice organizations in support of women’s rights. And rightly so. Women were held largely canada goose jacket men sale invisible, despite the fact that women crime has increased, according to data from the Department of Justice. For the masses OITNB perhaps the widest range platform on this issue.

And that is precisely why it is so important to understand. The social function of the showYou can say it’s just entertainment! But consider these facts: California, home of the entertainment capital of the world, the third being classified as a country in confinement. The United States is the canada goose jackets montreal first position, caught twice as many women as other countries – more than Russia and South Africa Women are held among the poorest citizens. More likely than not, they are abused or raped. They do not have equal access to education, employment and economic resources, according to a recent study by the Pew Research Center.

And, like it or not, studies have shown that entertainment plays an important role in the perpetuation of gender inequality. Some shows are explicitly Dreamer, giving into canada goose jackets moosejaw reality. Others seeking a window Both forms are valid. The danger lies in the art that makes it possible to believe that it holds a mirror to oppression when it is actually a fantasy designed to relieve guilt and inhibit social progress of the public.

As fans of the series, we are enjoying the contents drama and internalize the message that prison is a vehicle for self-discovery and liberation can be? To celebrate the canada goose jacket nordstrom diversity of the cast believe that we are a window to the situation of women in prison? Even in prison – so # yesallwomen finally proclaim a voice? This is a dangerous fantasy with a social function – to promote a false sense of progress and keep our banks.

Therein lies the sour touch. The show can come to perpetuate the illusion of empowerment of women and make us very comfortable with the incarceration of canada goose jackets nyc women. Why? Because he remains silent on the issue of social power and uncritical evidence that criminal justice policies are casting a wider net, and that more women in prison in the first place, as suggested by one of my co-author of studies – all while the audience feel they are part of a movement.

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While the autopsy of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s election continues, the sideshow discussion of redistricting has taken up some commentary time. The redrawing of his canada goose parkas sold in toronto district to reflect the conservative values he espoused had been designed to guarantee longevity. Of course, his opponent would offer the caution of best laid plans and all that. When a newly homogenized district is coupled with remarkably low voter turnout, we should all begin to fret.

Beyond the shudder this unexpected loss as sent through the political classes, the issue of redistricting’s legacy bears continued discussion. In states like Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia and elsewhere across the South, changing demographics should alert us all to the need to stare more parka canada goose femme closely at how these lines are drawn — and what a narrow sliver of voters can do to alter history. The shifting composition of our electorate is more than simply a point of partisan debate. It is a clarion call for us to think about the muted voices that need to be heard.

In Georgia, during the previous decade between Census counts, more than 1.5 million new neighbors set up homes in the state. Of this population, the majority counted themselves as minorities: African-American, Latino and Asian-American. Their children attend public schools and their canada goose jacket sale communities’ debate transportation and economic and social policy. Yet, today in Georgia, more than 800,000 citizens of color are eligible, but not registered to vote — a stunning and unacceptable number.

I grew up in a family that struggled economically, often making difficult choices. However, my parents never compromised about the moral obligation to vote. Indeed, my parents helped to secure that precious civil right as teenagers in Hattiesburg, Mississippi in the 1960s and took us to vote with them while we were growing up. We saw them enter the voting booths, waiting for our turn behind the curtain.

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State TV said lawmakers would convene Thursday. Parliament speaker Osama al-Nujaifi, a Sunni from Mosul, called the rout “a disaster by any standard.”Regaining Mosul poses a daunting challenge for the canada goose parka craigslist Shiite prime minister. The city of about 1.4 milliion has a Sunni Muslim majority and many in the community are already deeply embittered against his Shiite-led government.

During the nearly nine-year American presence in the country, Mosul was a major stronghold for al-Qaida. U.S. and Iraqi forces carried out repeated offensives there, regaining a semblance of control but never routing the canada goose parka camrose insurgents entirely.”It’s going to be difficult to reconstitute the forces to clear and hold the city,” Knights said. “There aren’t a lot of spare forces around Iraq.”

White House spokesman Josh Earnest deplored what he called the “despicable” acts of violence against civilians in Mosul. He said Washington is committed to its partnership with canada goose parka craigslist men’s xl Baghdad but is urging the government to take steps to be more inclusive of all Iraqis.Insurgents and Iraqi troops have been fighting for days in Mosul, but the security forces’ hold appeared to collapse late Monday night and early Tuesday.

U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon condemned the attacks across Iraq in recent days “that have killed and wounded scores of civilians.” He urged all political leaders “to show national unity against the threats facing Iraq, which can only be addressed on the basis of the constitution and within the democratic political process,” according to U.N. spokesman Stephane Dujarric.


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It was a key match in the World Cup of Ideas. The teams vied furiously for the ball. The all-star feminist team tried repeatedly to kick it through the goalposts marked Widespread Social Problems, while the opposing team, staffed by the mainstream media and mainstream dudes, was intent on getting it into the men’s canada goose discount usual net called Isolated Event. To keep the ball out of his net, the mainstream’s goalie shouted “mental illness” again and again. That “ball,” of course, was the meaning of the massacre of students in Isla Vista, California, by one of their peers.

All weekend the struggle to define his acts raged. Voices in the mainstream insisted he was mentally ill, as though that settled it, as though the world were divided into two countries called Sane and Crazy that share neither border crossings nor a culture. Mental illness is, however, more often a matter of men’s canada goose jackets degree, not kind, and a great many people who suffer it are gentle and compassionate. And by many measures, including injustice, insatiable greed, and ecological destruction, madness, like meanness, is central to our society, not simply at its edges.

In a fascinating op-ed piece last year, T.M. Luhrmann noted that when schizophrenics hear voices in India, they’re more likely to be told to clean the house, while Americans are more likely to be told to canada goose men parka jacket become violent. Culture matters. Or as my friend, the criminal-defense investigator who knows insanity and violence intimately, put it, “When one begins to lose touch with reality, the ill brain latches obsessively and delusionally onto whatever it’s immersed in — the surrounding culture’s illness.”

The murderer at Isla Vista was also repeatedly called “aberrant,” as if to emphasize that he was nothing like the rest of us. But other versions of such violence are all around us, most notably in the pandemic of hate toward and violence against women.

canada goose women hat

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“We are testing ways to let consumers know how their Netflix experience is being affected by congestion on their broadband provider’s network,” Netflix spokesman Joris Evers told The cheap canada goose chilliwack bomber Huffington Post. “At present, this is a small test in the United States that is not specific to any provider.”Verizon countered that the notification is “a PR stunt.”

“We’re investigating this claim but it seems misleading and could confuse people,” Verizon spokesman Robert Elek said.In a blog post Wednesday, a Verizon executive expanded on this cheap canada goose outlet idea, blaming any slow traffic on the secondary Internet providers that Netflix uses to deliver its videos to Verizon’s network.

“The source of the problem is almost certainly NOT congestion in Verizon’s network. Instead, the problem is most likely congestion on the connection that Netflix has chosen to use cheap canada goose reviews to reach Verizon’s network,” wrote David Young, vice president of Verizon’s federal regulatory affairs group. “It would be more accurate for Netflix’s message screen to say: ‘The path that we have chosen to reach Verizon’s network is crowded right now.’ However, that would highlight their responsibility for the problem.”

In the cease-and-desist letter sent Thursday, Verizon wrote that “there is no basis for Netflix to assert that issues with respect to playback of any particular video session are attributable solely to the Verizon network,” according to CNBC.

When contacted for comment by HuffPost, Evers replied: “This is about consumers not getting what they paid for from their broadband provider. We are trying to provide more transparency, just like we do with the Netflix ISP Speed Index, and Verizon is trying to shut down that discussion.”